Our wide-ranging suite of offerings ensures that we can accommodate various needs, whether you’re looking for meticulous land surveying or precision-focused civil engineering.

Our Survey Services encompass everything from Boundary Surveys to Global Positioning Surveying Services and ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveying & Mapping. We can help in creating subdivision plans, perform as-built surveys, and Class A-2 surveys for a multitude of purposes, such as new constructions and fence installations. Our services also include FEMA Elevation Certificates, Wetland Soils Mapping, Property Line Staking, Right of Way Surveying & Mapping, and many more, to ensure you have comprehensive and reliable data for your project.

We excel in areas like Drainage System Analysis & Design, Septic System Design, Erosion Control Inspection, and Land Use Environmental Impact Analysis. Our experienced team can provide expertise in the design of Connecticut D.E.P. Septic Systems, subdivision design, and stormwater management. We also offer assistance in sanitary sewer design, site planning, roadway design, porous pavement design, and municipal permitting.

Survey Services

  • Boundary Surveys

  • Compilation Plans

  • Subdivision Plans

  • As-Built Surveys

  • Class A-2 Surveys for additions, new construction, fence installation

  • FEMA Elevation Certificates and LOMA

  • Improvement Location Surveys

  • Existing Building Location Surveys

  • Residential and Commercial Construction Staking

  • Topographic Surveys & Mapping

  • Global Positioning Surveying Services

  • Easement Maps

  • Wetland Soils Mapping

  • Property Line Staking

  • Right of Way Surveying & Mapping

  • ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveying & Mapping

  • Survey Declaration & Certification Mapping

  • Perimeter Survey

  • Data Accumulation Surveys


Engineering Services

  • Drainage System Analysis & Design

  • Septic System Design

  • Erosion Control Inspection

  • Land Use Environmental Impact Analysis

  • Analysis & Design of Connecticut D.E.P. Septic Systems

  • Subdivision Design

  • Storm Water Management

  • Sanitary Sewer Design

  • Site Planning

  • Roadway Design

  • Porous Pavement Design

  • Municipal Permitting